Alfa Romeo-Sauber unveil 2018 F1 car livery

  It’s official, in the 2018 Formula 1 Season, it’ll be known as the ALfa Romeo Sauber F1 Team. After 30 years away from F1, Alfa Romeo makes a big shout return following a multi-year contract between the FVA Group brand and Sauber F1 team.

Alfa Romeo has a heritage in F1, in 1925 when they became Champions with the GP Tipo 2. The active years in F1 were from 1950 to 1988, Alfa Romeo were F1 constructor and engine supplier. Immediately upon its debut, Alfa Romeo won the first two drivers’ championships, in 1950 and 1951, with drivers Nino Farina and Juan Manuel Fangio. From 1961 to 1979, Alfa Romeo participated as engine supplier to several F1 teams. Following its return as a constructor in 1979, Alfa Romeo achieved its best result in 1983, taking sixth place in the constructors’ championship. More than 30 years after withdrawing as a competitor from F1 (1985), the brand is returning with the clear intention to make its mark.

To mark its return to F1, Alfa Romeo and Sauber have unveiled a new livery of next season’s Alfa Romeo-Sauber F1 car. The F1 car features prominent Alfa Romeo logos on the nose, the engine cover, at the center of the pilot’s steering wheel and both sides of the driver’s cockpit; representing the brand as title sponsors. The car is powered by a Ferrari power unit. “The brand itself will also benefit from the sharing of technology and strategic know-how with a partner of the Sauber F1 Team’s undisputed experience. The Alfa Romeo engineers and technicians, who have already demonstrated their capabilities with the newly-launched models, Giulia and Stelvio, will have the opportunity to make that experience available to the team.”

“Alfa Romeo has a long history of success in Grand Prix racing, and we are very proud that this internationally renowned company has chosen to work with us for its return to the pinnacle of motorsport. Working closely with a car manufacturer is a great opportunity for the Sauber Group to further develop its technology and engineering projects. We are confident that together we can bring the Alfa Romeo Sauber F1 Team great success, and look forward to a long and successful partnership,” added Pascal Picci, Chairman of Sauber.

The Alfa Romeo-Sauber partnership includes strategic, commercial and technological cooperation in all applicable areas of development, including access to engineering know-how and the expertise of Alfa Romeo technical staff. This partnership will provide additional opportunities for the two organizations in both Formula 1 and the automotive sector in general.

The return of Alfa Romeo, one of the major protagonists in Formula 1 history, is expected to contribute significantly to the appeal and future development of the sport. Alfa Romeo brings with it technological know-how and a large and passionate fan base, while participation in the championship also offers benefits for the brand in areas such as technology transfer and road safety.