BenQ LED Flicker-free monitors to the rescue

 BenQ LED Flicker-free monitors Renowned Taiwanese LED Monitor makers BenQ yesterday announced the world’s first Flicker-fre VA LED monitor.

BenQ’s new Flicker-free monitor is aimed at users who are on the PC for an extended duration and gaming geeks who face the computer 24/7. Besides, the BenQ flicker-free screen hopes to assist users to arrest a growing anomaly from long hours on computers – the Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS).

BenQ LED Flicker-free monitor

The BenQ 27-inch monitor is the first of many flicker-free monitors from the Taiwanese IT manufacturers. In the upcoming months, BenQ plans to introduce Flicker-free monitors with smaller screens between 18.5-inch and 24-inch. BenQ’s flicker-free monitors adopt a unique De-flickering Backlight Circuit Controller for a zero-flickering viewing experience and in turn help reduce the eyes’ health concerns raised by a fast-flickering display and prolonged usage of computers. Prominent features or ergo-related features of the BenQ flicker-free monitors are; Senseye Reading Mode, Automatic Eye-Protect Sensor, Height Adjustment Stand (selected models), Smart Reminder and Anti-Glare Display.

BenQ LED Flicker-free monitors_2

Flicker, or a flashing effect, occurs as the LED backlight controller of a monitor adjusts to the changes in brightness level. A regular monitor backlight can cause fast backlight flickering at 200Hz per second when brightness is reduced from the maximum level. When this happens, the human eye, sensitive to the slightest signals, strains the ciliary muscle trying to adjust to the nearly invisible flickering on the screen, causing users to experience CVS: eye strain and irritation, headaches, blurred and double vision, redness on eyeballs, dry eyes, eye muscle spasms, as well as neck and shoulder pain.

Renowned Taiwanese LED Monitor makers BenQ yesterday announced the world's first Flicker-free VA LED monitor

The 27-inch BenQ LED Flicker-free monitor goes for RM RM959. BenQ will announced upcoming flicker-free monitor models in due time.