BMW Motorsport set loose the new M4 DTM

  BMW has finally let loose the new M4 DTM in time for the 2014 DTM (Deutschen Tourenwagen Masters) season. With its official announcement, the BMW M4 DTM is primed for its first outing at the official ITR tests in Budapest (31 March – 3 April) and then at the final test in Hockenheim (14 – 17 April). Like last year, the official presentation of all eight BMW M4 DTMs competing in the new season falls on 25 April at the BMW Welt. (click to enlarge)

The fine-tuning of the BMW M4 DTM took place well before the first race of last season, where BMW engineers worked to ensure an effective aerodynamics package, which included the chassis and suspension configurations. The M4 DTM made its first appearance in the wind tunnel at the BMW’s Aero Lab on 22 April, 13 days before the opening race of the previous season at Hockenheim. In mid-2013, while continuing with aerodynamic testing, the BMW Motorsport folks turned their attention to designing new suspension parts, which first appeared at the car’s on-track outing last December. Lastly, the final parts for the chassis of the BMW M4 DTM were in production by the turn of the year, allowing the BMW teams to assemble the first versions of the new car in the first two months of the year. On 11 February, the M4 DTM had its first track run, exactly three hundred days after the initial test in the wind tunnel.

BMW M4 DTM exterior motifs reflect a development work that took a full year to complete

From the elongated bonnet with its steeply sloping front and aerodynamically optimized wing mirrors, to the contoured roofline, the BMW M4 becomes immediately recognizable on track. Characteristic design elements, such as the modern take on the twin LED headlight arrangement and twin-bar kidney grille, ensure that the M4 DTM stands out as a BMW M vehicle. The power dome on the bonnet is equally striking. The side of the car extends the dynamic impression created by the front end. The proportions typical of the production variant M4 Coupé, such as the long bonnet, long wheel base, set-back greenhouse and a short front overhang, formed the basis for the low and aerodynamic silhouette of the M4 DTM.

In addition, narrow air ducts on the front skirt and a plate along the side channel are purposeful aerodynamics features on the DTM racer. Whereas, contoured roofline and a flatter rear window contribute in part to effective aerodynamics. The wing mirrors on the M4 DTM have also been aerodynamically optimized for the racetrack to ensure they aid efficient airflow towards the rear of the car.

Being a bonafide Touring car racer, the M4 DTM weighs in at just under 1,500 kilograms (80 kgs lesser than the M3 DTM), thanks to lots of carbon fiber reinforced plastic and aluminium. The basic weight of the BMW M4 DTM, with driver, is 1,110 kgs.

The steering inside the racer houses additional status displays, with a customized layout of the controls. At the same time, individual buttons and paddle shifters are conveniently spread within the driver’s preferred arrangement or desired configuration.

Under the hood, the BMW P66 6-cylinder inline V8 engine powers the racer to approx. 480 bhp and over 500 Nm of torque, with the air restrictor specified in the technical regulations. A 0 – 100 km/h sprint takes just 3 seconds. Only ten engines are permitted for all eight BMWs over the course of the entire season. The engine’s power is transferred via a sequential six-speed sport gearbox, which is operated pneumatically using shift paddles mounted on the steering. The 11 final drive ratios allow the drivers to react to the respective circuit and engine characteristics when setting the car up.

Safety takes up the highest standards in the BMW M4 DTM, with 50 of the 5,000 plus standard components and parts included. These features include the carbon fiber monocoque, an integrated tank, steel roll cage and additional crash elements, as well as parts like the gearbox, clutch, dampers and rear wing.

The BMW M4 DTM now gets ready for the ITR test at the Hungaroring on 31 March – 3 April. The 2014 DTM season kicks off proper at the Hockenheimring on 4 May.

2014 BMW M4 DTM Specificiations

Chassis: carbon-fiber monocoque with integrated tank and steel roll cage
Length/width/height: 4,775 mm/1,950 mm/approx. 1,200 mm
Engine: 90° V8 aspirated engine
Engine management system: Bosch MS 5.1 engine control unit, central display
Transmission: Sequential 6-speed sports gearbox
Clutch: 4-plate ZF Sachs carbon-fibre clutch; LSD
Front axle/rear axle: Double wishbone axle w. pushrods and adjustable shock absorbers w. 6 settings; coil springs
Brakes: Hydraulic dual-circuit braking system
Wheels/Tyres: Forged aluminium rims; 18″ x 12″ front, 18″ x 13″ rear/ Hankook; 300-680-18 front: 320-710-18 rear