cub-prix-championships-turn-batu-kawan  The 2009 PETRONAS AAM Malaysian Cub Prix Championships move to Batu Kawan, Penang for Round 6 of the series this weekend.

This year, the series has introduced a new privateer class alongside its three open-make categories and the two one-make races; the Yamaha Challenge and the Honda Challenge. This new class has similar technical specifications to the WIRA epg category and is restricted to privateers only.

Additional developments in the series include; the shift from 125cc to the 130cc in the Expert category (Premiere class) of the Cub Prix Championships. This move comes only a year after the Expert Class had been upgraded to the 125cc platform.

In addition, the age-ceiling in the WIRA epg category has dropped down two notches from under-19 to under-17. At the same time, this class has also been restricted to smaller private teams to encourage the formation of new teams and participation from new riders.

With five rounds already completed at respective circuits throughout Malaysia. Remainng rounds include; Batu Kawan, Penang; Kangar, Sepang Circuit and two unconfirmed venues.

This weekend’s race is expected to draw in a good crowd of two wheels enthusiasts from the northern region. It should attract a number of riders who originate from this area, including Md Faris Md Bajer (Champion for Round 6) and Md Azli Agil. Both riders have high hopes of stepping up the podium in the next race because they believe they have the home-ground advantage.

2009 marks the second year of Faris’s involvement in the Honda one make race. Last year he finished a disappointing fifth at Batu Kawan and vows to climb the ranks this season. But, he admits it’s not going to be easy because he finds the track to be quite technical.

Another rider to look for is Md. Azli who believes that with enough preparation, he has a 50-50 chance of winning the Honda icon Challenge Cup. The young rider is determined to make full use of the advantage he has because Round 6 provides the perfect opportunity to improve his position in the category’s overall standings.

The 1.264km Batu Kawan track consists of nine turns and provides an excellent mix of challenge with its long stretch and mind-bending turns.

2009 MALAYSIAN Cub Prix Championships Event Calendar

1. Alor Setar: 21 March
2. Kluang: 19 April
3. Kuala Terengganu: 9 May
4. Melaka: 21 June
5. Sepang Circuit: 12 July
6. Batu Kawan: 2 August
7. Venue TBC: 16 August
8. Kangar: 11 October
9. Venue TBC: 15 November
10. Sepang Circuit: 6 December