F1 Reigning Champions unveil the Mercedes AMG F1 W07

Mercedes F1_W07_Hybrid_2 Reigning Formula One Champions Mercedes AMG F1 Team has revealed their 2016 Challenger, the F1 W07 Hybrid, at the onset of the first official pre-season test in Barcelona.

After a successful season all round in 2015, where Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg kicked everyone’s behind for the titles, the team didn’t rest on their laurels through the off-season to identify the areas in which they were weakest and to try to improve on the negatives.

Last week, the defending champions completed a preliminary track running with its 2016 specification F1 car during a promotional event at Silverstone, U.K.. The F1 W07 Hybrid, powered by the PU106C Hybrid Power Unit, was driven by Hamilton and Rosberg for a total distance of 98.2 km.

As rules changes are minimal this season, the team practically stuck with the winning formula, although some minor changes are deemed relevant. The main rule change is around the separate ducting of exhaust tail pipe and waste gate. At the same time, the biggest structural change is on the chassis side, where the team raised the protection area around the driver by 20mm and increased the side impact test load from 15 to 50kN. According to the team, the substantial increase in the load that has to be taken by the chassis as that point should give much greater protection to the driver.

To get the performance out of this new generation of Power Units, the team needed to chase efficiency, both combustion efficiency and efficiency in the various energy transition steps; for example MGU-H, MGU-K, turbocharger, power electronics and batteries. The engine is now running at more than 47% thermal efficiency and producing historic highs of power, and all with an ICE restricted to consuming fuel at a rate of just 100kg/hr. The old-fashioned, naturally aspirated engines peaked at 29% thermal efficiency during the V8 era.

Mercedes F1_W07_HybridMercedes_F1W0_Hybrid_powertrain

Further details to follow on the Mercedes AMG F1 W07…