Honda’s Project 2&4 out to woo Frankfurt Motor Show crowd

Honda Project 2&4 Honda’s Project 2&4 was just an idea that came as a result from an in-house competition held for the engineers from its car and motorcycle divisions to design a concept using parts from both segments, and hence the Honda MotoGP RC213V-powered über-kart is born.

In our previous update on Honda’s Frankfurt Motor show exhibits, we’ve highlighted about Honda’s Porject 2&4; which is now confirmed as the RCV213V-powered  über-kart. Alongside Project & 4, Honda is showcasing a plethora of goodies such as; the new HR-V and Jazz variants, the updated CR-V, Civic, Civic Tourer, Civic Type R and UNI-CUB β.

Based on the global reaction to the pre-release teaser of the Project 2&4, Honda thus go ahead to offer further information and new images of its anticipated RC213V-powered über-kart for global Honda enthusiasts and fans.

Make no mistake, the RC213V-powered über-kart has four wheels but to many, it is still considered a “motorcycle” due to its V4 MotoGP-derived engine, making it an impressive machine, to say the least.

While the engine is indeed the 999cc MotoGP type, in 212hp trim and 13,000 rpm redline, it is believed to be the same unit utilized for the road-going replica, the Honda RC213V-S rather than the actual RC213V-HRC version, which makes 260hp and 16,000rpm redline. That V4 engine is mated to a six-speed dual-clutch transmission, with the total vehicle package weighing approximately 405 kg.

Honda says that the Project 2&4 is actually based off the 1965 RA272 Formula One race car, though the design is obviously more avant-garde than the variant it is inspired from. For project 2&4, the engine itself is mounted mid-car, alongside the driver for optimal weight balancing.

What’s interesting is the fact the dashboard is via a see-thru LCD unit, mounted right above the steering wheel in the open-air cockpit. Great as it is, Project 2&4 remains a concept and is available for viewing only during the Frankfurt Motor Show, which kicks off from 25 September.

Honda Project 2&4_4Honda Project 2&4_2