Kimi Raikkonen swaps an F1 car for a Firetruck

 kimi Raikkone meets a fireman Ferrari F1’s Kimi Raikkonen swapped jobs with a Malaysian fireman and drove a fire truck, before coaching the fireman in a Ferrari California T on performance driving, in conjunction with the weekend’s Malaysian Grand Prix.

Räikkönen switched the roaring engines of a Formula One car for the blaring sirens of a fire truck with Mohd Uzair Abdullah – a veteran with Malaysia’s Fire and Rescue Department, in a unique Shell V-Power Job Swap ahead of the Malaysian GP. “I’ve learnt how similar my job is to a fireman, in terms of how both our jobs require protection to achieve performance,” the Finn said.

Through the Job Swap, Raikkonen had the unique opportunity to become a fireman for a day. Warming up for the race in Sepang, the 2007 F1 Champion took the wheel of an 18 tonne fire truck at a specially constructed track at Senawang.

Sharing a common goal of staying safe for protection, be it their vehicles, reputation, as well as lives, Räikkönen and Uzair exchanged tips prior to their Job Swap.

The Formula One driver, who normally races at speeds of up to 300km/h, faced a test slightly off his usual track. His Job Swap included manoeuvring the 8.5m fire truck around a custom built obstacle course, a target practice with the fire hose, and finishing with placing the fire ladder. The Finn was able to learn about the preparation and skills required by firemen to help them save lives.

With protection at the core of his job, Uzair who has rescued over 100 people and extinguished more than 450 fires, had the opportunity to feel the adrenaline rush of an F1 racer. While hitting the accelerator of a Ferrari California T, the fireman also learnt the importance of protection in a fast moving vehicle. Raikkonen took Uzair on a range of test laps and precision driving exercises, before handing over the wheel to Uzair, so that he could have a taste of high performance driving.

Raikkonen and Uzair were brought together in this unique Job Swap by Shell, whose Innovation Partnership with Ferrari for over 60 years allows the company to test Shell V-Power Gasoline fuels under extreme conditions. Inspired by technology innovations for Ferrari, the Shell V-Power fuel formulation is designed to actively clean and protect vital engine parts, to help deliver more power throughout the life of a vehicle.