Malaysia Championship Series round 4 rocks Sepang this weekend

 2016 Malaysia Championship Series The adrenaline rush of racing is never far from Sepang International Circuit (SIC). If you’ve been craving high-speed excitement, the racing season is far from over when it comes to domestic motorsports series. This weekend, Sepang hosts Round 4 of the Malaysia Championship Series (MCS).

The Malaysia Championship series, formerly part of the Malaysian Super Series runs for four rounds per season. Although this weekend’s event is officially named Round 4, it is the penultimate round for the season, with the final round being Round 3 scheduled for 2 to 4 December. The Malaysia Championship Series features two categories: the Touring Production Championship and the Malaysia Touring Car Championship. Spectators can expect to see modified versions of road vehicle models in action, such as the Honda Integra, Suzuki Swift, Honda FD2, Proton Prevé and Proton Satria Neo in the battle for supremacy.

The MCS features two alternating formats; sprint and endurance. In the sprint rounds, there are two races with 10 laps in each race round, while in the two endurance rounds, one features a 1-hour endurance race while the other features a 300km endurance race. This weekend’s Round 4 will feature two sprint races.

Besides the action in the MCS, fans can also experience the Caterham championship and the Asia Classic Car Challenge, support races for the MCS. The Caterham championship is a single-make championship featuring vintage-style cars while the Asia Classic Car challenge features iconic classic race cars from across the decades.

In the MCS, the celebrated Team Sakura Tedco Racing featuring Indonesian Fitra Eri and Malaysian Mark Darwin will be pushing to maintain their lead in both the Touring Production and Malaysian Touring Car categories. Indonesian Fitra Eri leads in the Touring Production Championship with 52.5 points, ahead of the team of Lai Wee Sing and Abdul Kaathir Mohd Mustaffa of R Engineering, who are 14.5 points behind with 38 championship points. Tied in third place are Mitchell Cheah and Boy Wong with 30 points each. Meanwhile, in the Malaysian Touring Car championship, Mark Darwin tops the table with 48 points, ahead of Kenny Lee on 38.5 points and Nick Mah on 31 points.

2016 Malaysia Championship Series (MCS) round 4 program

Saturday, 12 November
0830 hrs – 1030 hrs Caterham Championship /ACCC Registration & Scrutineering
0930 hrs – 1130 hrs Malaysia Championship Series Registration & Scrutineering
1100 hrs Caterham Championship /ACCC Drivers’ Briefing
1200 hrs Malaysia Championship Series Drivers’ Briefing
1200 hrs – 1230 hrs Asia Classic Car Challenge Free Practice
1245 hrs – 1315 hrs Caterham Championship Free Practice
1330 hrs – 1400 hrs Malaysia Championship Series Free Practice
1430 hrs – 1500 hrs Asia Classic Car Challenge Qualifying
1515 hrs – 1545 hrs Caterham Championship Qualifying
1600 hrs – 1630 hrs Malaysia Championship Series Qualifying
1700 hrs – 1730 hrs Asia Classic Car Challenge Race 1 (10 laps)

Sunday, 13 November
0910 hrs – 0940 hrs Asia Classic Car Challenge Race 2 (10 laps)
1005 hrs – 1035 hrs Caterham Championship Race 1 (10 laps)
1130 hrs – 1200 hrs Asia Classic Car Challenge Race 3 (10 laps)
1230 hrs – 1300 hrs Malaysia Championship Series Race 1 (10 laps)
1330 hrs – 1400 hrs Caterham Championship Race 2 (10 laps)
1445 hrs – 1515 hrs Malaysia Championship Series Race 2 (10 laps)