McLaren reveals 2018 Challenger: the MCL33

  McLaren F1 Team have unveiled their 2018 Formula One Challenger, the MCL33; the first racer powered by Renault engines. The McLaren MCL33 takes on a new livery that draws its inspiration directly from the team’s iconic papaya orange and blue color scheme; McLaren first raced in Formula 1 50 years ago.

An elegant Formula 1 car

McLaren’s distinctive orange livery was successful across Formula 1, the Indy 500 and the CanAm series. For 2018, the MCL33 spectacularly revives the original colours of McLaren, papaya orange and dark blue, in a refreshing new way. It reflects the essential qualities that have remained constants for McLaren throughout its history and are intrinsic to its future. In particular, it evokes the bravery of the team; played out through the BeBrave campaign that has previewed the launch and will remain a feature of the 2018 season.

McLaren first used papaya in 1968, another convention-busting decision of founder Bruce McLaren. At a time when many nations raced under traditional national colors, such as British Racing Green, French Racing Blue and Italian Rosso Corsa, Bruce chose papaya to make his eponymous team stand out on the racetrack.

The MCL33’s eye-catching primary color, Papaya Spark, and secondary colors, Burton Blue and Cerulean Blue, were each developed in collaboration with McLaren partner AkzoNobel.

The pilots for the team in the new season are twice Champion Fernando Alonso, going into his fourth year with the team, and second year man Stoffel Vandoorne. “Looking at our new car, I feel incredibly excited, but also apprehensive. I know just how important this car is to the team, and I just hope that it delivers in the way we all want it to. If we’re able to develop the key strengths of last year’s chassis and marry it to an improved Renault power unit, then I think we’ll be able to take a step forwards. The car certainly looks very neat and well thought-out, and I think the new colour looks really great; really eye-catching,” said Alonso.

Vandoorne added, “The arrival of a new car is always one of the most tense and exciting moments of the season. For everyone at McLaren, this is an important car; we all know exactly how much rests on it being successful, and we’re all extremely keen to see just how well it performs when we start testing it next week. From my perspective, I really hope we can start the season with a stable platform that we’re able to develop  quickly and easily. It would be great to have a smooth few weeks of winter testing, and to go to Australia feeling confident about the year ahead.”

The McLaren MCL33 powered by Renault

Much of the work on the MCL33 has been around optimizing the packaging of the new Renault engine, and the incorporation of the new halo device. Technically, the McLaren MCL33 is a logical development of last year’s car and conforms to this season’s regulations.

The MCL33 conducted a film day at a Spanish test track of Catalunya before beginning eight days of pre-season testing at the Circuit de Catalunya, on Monday.