Peugeot 308 R Hybrid to star at Goodwood

 2015 Goodwood Peugeot  308 R HYbrid Peugeot is set to debut the 500hp 308 R Hybrid, alongside the new 208 GTi by Peugeot Sport and 308 GT Line at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, from 26 – 28 June. Peugeot also has on display a highlight of variants from its illustrious past, present and future, including the all-conquering 205 T16, WRC winner 30 years ago, 404 Diesel, the 2008 DKR Dakar Rally racer and the 540hp 208 WRX (World RallyX) car.

For the Goodwood show, Peugeot isn’t holding back anything as the Lion marque even breaks out the recently launched Grand Turismo 6 Peugeot Vision GT. In addition, Peugeot has lined up three significant cars for the famous hill climb, including the Goodwood special premiere variant, the 205 T16 and the 404 Diesel, which 50 years ago this month set 40 world endurance records at the Montlhéry circuit near Paris.

Peugeot has lined up a surprise for Goodwood visitors with a 308 world premiere. The world-premiere 308 is due to be being driven dynamically in the ‘First Glance’ category (located in Cathedral Paddock with F1 & Supercars), by Peugeot Sport test-driver Gregory Guilvert.

The Peugeot 308 R Hybrid makes its European debut at Goodwood, following the Shanghai Motor show premiere. The special Motorsports variants 205 T16, 404 Diesel, 208 WRX and 2008 DKR each share the limelight at the Moving motor show and hill climb events. Driven by Enda Garvery, the 1985 Peugeot 205 T16 celebrates its 30th anniversary of its first WRC title.

The Peugeot 404 diesel set 40 endurance records exactly 50 years ago in June 1965, driven by Philippe Cornebois. The version on display at Goodwood comes from the Peugeot L’Aventure Museum in Sochaux (the home of Peugeot).

Last but least, the Peugeot 2008 DKR is slated to compete in the China Grand Raid, from 29 August – 12 September. The 3.0-liter 340bhp, V6 twin-turbo diesel mid-rear 2WD engine 2008 DKR has successfully completed its debut season in the Dakar rally this year. For more information about the Goodwood Festival of Speed, stay tuned to…

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