Proton Saga is revamped again

 2015 Proton Saga Plus In efforts to raise more awareness, Proton has again revamped its best selling variant, the second-generation Saga, for a second time this year.

This time, its called the Proton Saga Plus and it’s a whole lot more affordable than the previous editions like the Saga SV, SE and Executive editions. Although the Plus and SV Saga prices remain similar, the Plus carries more added value propositions than the SV, hence it’s more affordable.

The new-generation Saga variant has generated about half a million units for Proton since it came about eight years ago. First time and entry level buyers pretty much chose this variant for its affordability, compact size with extra space to boot and economic feasibility. In fact, the Saga represents the very first Malaysian made variant, which existed since 1985. That year was also the birth year of Malaysia’s very own Automobile manufacturers, Proton. The Saga became an instant hit among the citizens back in the days, with its all too familiar affordability and nationalistic values. In all, the Saga variant has tallied some 1.6 million units in its 30-year existence.

The Proton Saga Plus differs from the SV edition in five variations: a full body kit with spoiler, rear garnish, 14-inch inch alloy rims, and being a ‘Plus’ and all. With the added propositions, new buyers will find the Saga a little more desirable than the current SV and with no additional costs to the owner, the buying decision should be quick and easy. Inside, the Saga Plus and SV are nearly similar; however if there’s any newer interior features, it’s probably negligible as Proton didn’t bother to mention it.

The Sage Plus is powered by a 1.3 liter Campro IAFM engine, like the SV, and available with manual and CVT transmission. The output, torque and performance aspects of this little compact sedan is a carbon copy of the SV.

Available in five body hues Tranquility Black, Fire Red, Genetic Silver, Solid White and Elegant Brown, the Proton Saga Plus has a price range between RM33,242 up till RM36,576, with a 3-year warranty attached. Potential buyers are urged to check it out or test run at Proton dealerships, starting now.