Sony presents 2013 BRAVIA TV line-up with the latest innovative features

 2013 Sony Bravia TV_2 Sony Malaysia held a special preview of the new Bravia TV range at their Sony Style outlet, Curve Mutiara Damansara. The new Sony Bravia TVs encompass next-generation Television features such as, “Sense of Quartz” design, Smart/Internet TV, the TRILUMINOS Display LED backlighting, the One-touch for NFC-enabled devices and the Sony’s Sound Architecture.

Vaild from mid-April onwards, the Sony Bravia TVs range consists of 12 models that are categorized by screen sizes from 32-inch to the top-of-the-line 55-inch. The Bravia Internet TV models – W904A, W954A, W804A, W704A, and W674A –  incorporate a built Wi-Fi component which means you don’t to plug in a messy wire behind the TV, plus the internet Bravias have Sony’s acclaimed X-Reality PRO picture processor for greater depth, detail and more vibrant colors; and lastly, the Motionflow XR for the best experience when viewing fast action television programs and jamming your favorite games.

2013 Sony Bravia TV_3

“Sense of Quartz”, a new design concept featured in the new Sony Bravia TVs, is configured with pure geometric shaping that creates a distinctive and minimal silhouette with a finely honed edge – crafted in genuine metal and glass.

The TRILUMINOS Display LED backlighting, a standard for the W904A and W954A models, offers rich, authentic color with subtle tones while also replicating bold colors including hard-to-reproduce reds, blues and greens. By integrating Quantum Dot technology with Sony’s own unique display technologies, the Sony Bravia TV can deliver a significantly wider color gamut and provides a far more natural and vivid viewing experience with a heightened sense of depth.

Viewers can now connect wirelessly with the One-touch feature to the One-touch remote control to merge the Sony Bravia TV and any NFC-enabled Smartphones, Tabs, laptops or compatible devices. Further, Sony’s new TV SideView application, an IR-typed (infra-red) universal remote control, uses second screen connectivity to provide an entirely dynamic graphical interface for users to interact with the TV.

2013 Sony Bravia TV

Sound-wise, Sony’s unique Signal–to–Sound Architecture delivers crisp, adequate sound quality. Its unique digital signal processing technologies clarify, restore and optimize audio signals to ensure great tunes and music. In addition, the specially-built speakers reproduces sound with the realism that’s as if you’re in a concert hall or similar simulated environments, depending on your audio settings. If that’s not enough, you can opt for the W904A model with a cabinet-typed integrated long duct speaker. The 1.2m speaker duct is cleverly folded into a compact unit that’s hidden neatly behind the TV screen. Though the speakers are hidden, the speaker cabinet reproduces rich bass and lower mid-range sounds.

2013 Sony Bravia TV 55 W-series

All Sony Bravia W-Series TV models include screen mirroring via Wi-Fi, with the W954A model bundled with an NFC remote. An optional NFC remote is available for other models at suggested retail price of RM199.

2013 Sony Bravia TV_42013 Sony Bravia TV_5

2013 SONY BRAVIA TV W-Series range, valid from April and May:

32W674 RM1,699
42W654 RM2,299
42W674 RM2,399
46W704 RM3,499
50W704 RM4,499
42W804 RM3,499
47W804 RM4,699
55W804 RM6,999
46W904 RM6,999
55W904 RM9,999
46W954 RM8,999
55W954 RM12,999