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Nicky Hayden Fastest Honda Rider At Valencia Test

nicky-hayden-fastest-honda-rider-at-valencia-test The 2004 grand prix season ended last Sunday at Valencia but such is the level of competition the MotoGP that the teams have no time to relax and reflect on past performances. Many of the leading teams stayed on at Valencia to begin their preparations for the upcoming series of vital winter test sessions.

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Final Race Hopes For Honda Powered Teams

final-race-hopes-for-honda-powered-teams The Ricardo Tormo circuit was only completed in 1999 and is named after the former 50 cc World Champion Spaniard RicardoTormo, who died of leukaemia.. The grand prix at the track attracts huge crowds who create a truly amazing atmosphere packed into the grand stands that surround the tight 4.005kms circuit which is situated ten kilometres from Valencia airport.

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Camel Honda Japanese Grand Prix Preview

camel-honda-japanese-grand-prix-preview TRACK FACTS – MOTEGI
It took Honda four years to construct this incrediblefacility which was opened in 1999. In addition to the 4.801kms road circuit there is 2.141 kms Cart style oval and the Honda museum. The facility is situated 100 kms north-east ofTokyo in hilly open country side and first staged the Japanese Grand Prix in 1999.

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Camel Honda Portuguese Grand Prix Feature

1 September 2004

Hindsight is a wonderful word . The Concise OxfordDictionary sums it up perfectly – Wisdom after the event.How many times in your life would have a little wisdom afterthe event pushed you down a different path.

It certainly applies in grand prix motor cycle racing. A bitof hindsight would certainly have helped with tyre choiceand race tactics but even more seriously, as was perfectlyillustrated at Brno last weekend, on the crucial question ofriders safety. As it turned out , hindsight would haveprobably produced exactly the same solution to a very trickysituation in the 20 lap 250cc race. Read more