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Renault joins forces with Team Vitality in F1-based competition games

Renault has announced it will join the world of eSports with Europe’s best-performing team, Team Vitality, at eSports BAR Cannes in France. The event marked a gathering of world-renowned electronic sports professionals and partners.

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AMD powered PC devices from HP

 HP's AMD-powered devices In the quest to stay at the top of the game, HP yesterday revealed its latest line-up of AMD-powered PC devices. The HP AMD-powered devices consist of; the HP Pavilion TouchSmart 14, HP Pavilion TouchSmart 11, HP Pavilion TouchSmart 20 and the HP Envy 110 Desktop PC.

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HP Malaysia presents Ultrabooks and an array of new PCs

hp-malaysia-presents-ultrabooks-array-pcs HP Malaysia yesterday did a fantasy presentation of the spanking new HP Envy 14 Spectre Ultrabook, HP Folio13, HP Omni27 All-in-One PC, HP Pavilion HPE Phoenix h9 and HP TouchSmart620 3D Edition PC.

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