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Team Proton R3 have won the MProduction class championship with drivers Fariqe Hairuman and Syafiq Ali for the 2019 Malaysia Championship Series (MCS). During Round 5, the pair finished second in a gruelling 300km race while racing a Proton Iriz offering double points to those who finish in the top-10. 

For Fariqe, the 2019 title is his second MCS championship after he also won it in 2015 while driving for R3. His codriver Syafiq, a three-time Sepang 1000km (S1K) winner, clinched his first MCS title to add to the impressive list of racing accolades he has already won.  

After clinching MCS championship R3 targets S1K win in November

By winning the MCS championship, R3 have achieved one of their main goals for 2019 and can now focus on defending their S1K title to deliver PROTON a record breaking fifth title in the race. They have a good chance of doing so as the team will be fielding cars with proven track records.

Aside from the Proton Iriz, R3 will race two units of the 2019 Proton Saga, the newest car in their stable. During Round 5 of the MCS, the veteran driven pairing of Admi Shahrul and Faidzil Alang defended their title chasing teammates from attacks by other cars but still managed to drive their Saga to a third place finish. It was the second podium for the Saga in the last three MCS races, which bodes well for the S1K.

The second Proton Saga will be manned by drivers selected from the MSF-R3 Lady Racers Search. The initiative offers an opportunity to lady racers to undergo a development programme with R3, culminating in a race seat in the 2019 S1K race. 

R3 receives over 200 entries to Design for Speed contest 

The 2019 S1K will carry a new element for R3 as one of its Proton Saga racing cars will be painted in a special livery designed by the winner of the Design For Speed Contest. Run from 26 August to 22 September, the contest invited Malaysians aged 18 and above to submit their most creative livery design with the best design being applied to one of the R3 Proton Sagas taking part in the race.   

Ladies, Are ya up for a challenge of driving a Race Car?

Join the Proton R3 Lady Search and Mentor programs

Ladies if you like to try out a new challenge, here’s one that might be of interest – the Team Proton R3 Lady Search and Mentor program. The program is initiated by the National carmakers to encourage more females to dabble in domestic-sanctioned racing. The selected all-girls team will compete in the S1K (1,000 kilometers) endurance race at Sepang Circuit in a Proton R3 racer. Furthermore, the selected teams are bound to participate in the domestic race series (Malaysia Speed Festival) by Proton.

The Lady search and mentor programs are in partnership with MSF, the largest grassroots motorsports event in the country. Both programs aim to develop motorsports at a grassroots level by leveraging on R3’s experience built up over years of competition.

The Proton R3 program has been around for 15 years and garnered quite a number of accolades including the Asia Pacific Rally Championship (APRC), Production WRC, the defunct Merdeka Millennium Endurance (MME) and Sepang 1000km (S1K). Now, the time is right to appease the girls to join the Lady Racers Search and incumbents to partake in the  MSF-R3 Mentor Program. The aim is simple, to evoke aspiring racers and teams to participate in the programs with an opportunity to  elevate the incumbents’ performance and eventual success at national level events. It is also an opportunity to discover talented lady racers and nurture their careers, giving them a good head start in a male dominated scene.

Aspiring ladies into motorsports isn’t a new thing in this country as many top names in the game have ventured in it. A famous domestic lady racer, Leona Chin, motorsport athlete and girl drifter, came from such a program in the past, by Red Bull Drivers search..

Proton R3’s Lady seatch and Mentor programs

From an initial pool of participants, three will be offered an opportunity to develop as racing drivers and participate in the 2019 edition of the S1K race, driving a Team Proton R3 prepared car. Selections will be based on how contestants perform in a series of on and off-track activities and will include being judged on criteria such as discipline, team work and commitment aside from their skill behind the wheel.

As for the mentor program, selected drivers and teams competing in the MSF SuperTurismo races using Proton vehicles will be supported by Team Proton R3 personnel for the remaining three events this year. Though each team will be independently run managed, R3 will provide technical and set-up know-how before and during the race, with the specific aim to improve their performance and inculcate best industry practices

Incumbents of the Proton R3 Lady Search and Mentor programs

MSF-R3 Racers Mentor Program:

Mohd Hafiz Saad #248

Nik Shahrul Fadli Nik Mansor #141

Alban Raymond De Sauza #16

Muhammad Faishal Othman #180

Md. Shah Hashim #387

Lady Drivers Search:

Ng Aik Sha

Samanda Lee

Nurul Husna Nasharuddin

Nursharina Nor Ramlle

Dayangku Faratiwan Adnil

Rozana Rahmat

Umi Nasirah Sulaiman

Zaidah Mohd Ishak

Nor Azirah Mohd Azhar

Proton captures dominant wins at 2019 MCS Round 3

National car makers Proton has been a regular participant this season in the local motorsports series, the Malaysian Championship Series (MCS). As the only factory-backed squad, they obviously are head over heels over the rest of the field.

In the latest Round 3 at Sepang last weekend, Proton’s Team R3 clinched two wins in both races to extend their series advantage. Not only did they win, but Proton captured 1-2-3 in race two to show who’s ‘Boss’ on a familiar circuit. Each MCS race lasts about an hour, so it really put man and machine into the toughest challenge of domestic motorsports. Cars are pushed to the limits, while the drivers have to ensure they last the trials of an hour’s worth of laps.

Proton sent three R3 cars to the MCS field; a Suprima S with Mitchell Cheah, who  qualified on pole in the M-Production class, alongside an Iriz and a Saga with pilots Fariqe Hairuman/Syafiq Ali and James. The Iriz and Saga drivers managed fourth and fifth on the starting grid. The Suprima S took an outright win in race one.  The remaining two Proton cars were fourth and fifth.

In the second race, the order followed the finishing positions from race one. The Protons had strong start positions in first, fourth and fifth. Off the starting blocks, the Protons were in the top three, with the Suprima S leading the Iriz and Saga. The rest of the field tried to play catch up. The Iriz eventually led the race with the Suprima S second and the Saga third. The lead would stand and Proton secured a 1-2-3 finish for the first time in the MCS. The win pushes up Proton drivers (Hairuman/ Ali) to second overall in the drivers standings of the M-Production category.

Proton in Motorsports

The Proton R3 badge is no stranger in motorsports, over the past 15 years. Proton was a force to be reckoned with in the MME (Merdeka Millennium Endurance) back in 2005 and 2006. They have secured four outright wins in the S1K (Sepang 1000km) endurance in 2012, 2014, 2017 and 2018.

.Although the drivers get most of the glory, motor racing is a team sport with success dependent on the hard work of multiple key partners and people to ensure a positive result. The team utilizes all its assets, including efficient pit stops and painstaking teamwork by the crew to pull off its best results. R3 engineers and team personnel spend countless hours to build a winning race car that reflects the technical capabilities and professionalism of everyone involved. They also work hand-in-hand with Proton’s engineers to ensure that lessons learned on the track are communicated to the team responsible for the road cars.

Iriz R5 set to revive Proton’s WRC return in 2018

According to WRC sources, National carmakers Proton is set to return to the WRC. Previously, Proton has been a regular participant in Intercontinental Rally and Asia Pacific Rally (APRC). Although no word has come forth from Proton, sources revealed that an Iriz R5 built by a British collaborator (MEM) will be the car Proton’ll utilize to compete in next season’s World Rally.

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Proton Saga is revamped again

 2015 Proton Saga Plus In efforts to raise more awareness, Proton has again revamped its best selling variant, the second-generation Saga, for a second time this year.

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Proton and Suzuki sign partnership pact

 2015 Suzuki-Proton-DRB sign pact National Carmakers Proton, DRB-Hicom and Suzuki have inked a partnership to possibly come up with a special variant in the near future. The scope of the partnership focusses on four key areas of the Automotive industry, which include products, technology, people and market.

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Exige S Club Racer is latest version in Lotus’ best selling variant

 2015 Lotus Exige S Club Racer Lotus has announced a latest version of the Exige S, which is derived from the brand’s Club Racer specification. The Lotus Exige S Club Racer, one of the world’s lightest sport cars, comprises of a lightweight aluminium chassis-tub and an aerodynamically enhanced composite bodywork.

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Proton Exora MPV gets more upbeat features with Super Premium version

 2015 Proton Exora Super Premium front Proton has released the updated version of the Exora MPV, following the recent launch of its new Proton IRIZ. The Proton Exora MPV has sold approximately 128,824 units in the country and neighbouring countries Thailand and Indonesia, since its debut in 2009. Now, on top of the Exora MPV Premium and Executive versions, Proton has made available a Super Premium spec. Exora, which replaces the outgoing Prime edition. More importantly, there’ll be a price reduction of 5.8 percent or RM 4,710 for the variant.

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Proton lowers price of the Suprima S with the standard edition

 2014 Proton Suprima S, front view Proton has announced the lower-priced Suprima S in Standard edition, which went on sale on 6 December. The Suprima S represents an important variant for the National car makers to climb up the TIV (Total Industry Volume) ranks.

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The new Proton Iriz comes out of the woodwork

  The all-new Proton Iriz is the first compact variant to be distributed by the national car manufacturers, under the stewardship of Tun Mahathir. The codename Iriz is picked from the word Iris, which is a thin layer between the eye’s pupil and retina. It signifies the new compact car’s forward looking demeanor and contemporary standards. Hence, the Proton Iriz carries a tagline “Made for you, Proton Iriz lets you live the way you want to”.

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