Tan is officially confirmed as Team Goodyear Malaysia’s Drift squad member

tan-officially-confirmed-team-goodyear-malaysias-drift-squad-member  Team Goodyear Malaysia has been an active participant in domestic Drifting events and the international scene since 2008 when the Drifting became widely accepted in the country.

Two years on, the World’s leading tyre company even established the Goodyear International Drift Series to encourage further interests and provide support to the local drift community and aspiring drifters. In the International drift scene, Formula Drift Asia series would be the natural playground for the pride of Goodyear Malaysia – its very own Drift team. The top four drifters in the country recruited into Team Goodyear Malaysia initially were Ariff Johanis Ahmad, Azrina Jane Abdullah (Malaysia’s only female drifter), Hanizam Hamzah and Michael Gan. Johanis, Jane, Hamzah and Gan have participated in various domestic drift competitions such as Star Drift, Drift Challenge, FX Open and plenty other less publicized events. The four drifters are some of the more popular drifters in the previous and current Formula Drift Asia editions, especially Jane who’s the one and only female challenger in this exclusive fraternity.

In late 2010, a new member, in the form of one of the country’s top drifters Tan Tat Wei, was cast into the Team Goodyear Malaysia mix. Tan, along with Tengku Djan, the nation’s top drifter, and Ivan Lau were team mates prior to his decision to enter a new team. The trio known as the ‘Tandem Assassin’ squad raked many drifting titles and wins in the period between 2008 – 10. However, all good things must end and that was when Tan decided to join Team Goodyear Malaysia.

This year, Tan as a member of the team made some headlines at Formula Drift Singapore, having qualified the highest (73.7 points) and finishing amongst the top eight. Tan and his trusty Toyota Corolla AE86 also made good at the recent KBS Malaya Drift Battle where he qualified in first place and bagged the title. At the recent Speed City KL Drift and FX Open, he captured third and was one of the best eight FX Open drifters.

“We welcome Tan to Team Goodyear and congratulate him for his outstanding performance at FD Singapore 2011, his first major event with Team Goodyear,” said Zakariah Ahmad, Managing Director, Goodyear Malaysia Berhad.

“Team Goodyear reflects the brand’s efforts of harvesting talent and driving performance within a very high impact motorsport. High performance cars have become faster and more powerful and so, drivers demand tires that provide cornering ability, traction and safe braking in the wet. What better way to demonstrate the performance of our tires than through Malaysia’s top drifters,” added Zakariah.  

Tan has been a pro-drifter for eight years, and the ardent drifter is a Stock manager by day. He regularly hones his drift skills, especially on weekends, at any available empty space or car parks in the Klang Valley.

Tan is delighted with his official appointment at Team Goodyear Malaysia, “
It is truly an honor and pleasure to be affiliated with Team Goodyear. The association is one that has already begun to create a great deal of opportunity for me and has open many doors since I first joined them eight months ago. My car is now fitted with Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric and since using them, I definitely see an improvement in my performance as demonstrated during FD Singapore.”