Video: Korean GP circuit with RBR Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel

video-korean-gp-circuit-rbr-mark-webber-sebastian-vettel  The South Korean county of Yeong-Am is scheduled to hold its first ever Formula One race in the third week of October. Dubbed the Korean Grand Prix, the 5.6km circuit will host Round 17 of the Formula 1 World Championship from 22 – 24 October.

One part of the circuit is use for races all year round, while the other has been extended for Formula 1 only. For the Round 17 event, drivers will encircle the circuit for a total 55 laps and a cumulative 309km. The track consist five slow corners and 3 long straights, including two corners best for overtaking. Within the track’s core, there’s a town centre planned for the future, emulating the Korean GP venue to a city circuit, much like Singapore.

Red Bull Racing drivers current F1 championship leader Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel take to a simulation of the brand new track. Off the blocks, drivers face a double left hand corner, followed by the first long stretch. Next phase, drivers prepare for the first right hand turn, braking from 300km/h to 80km/h and look out for a possible overtaking opportunity.

The next long straight is followed by another left hand turn, then a fast right and left at turn 6. At turn 11, get ready for a long left-hand with excess speed of 240km/h and near maximum G-force. After turn 12, the last section sees a left and right turn, adjacent to the harbor. Heading towards the finish line, turn 17 is a long right-hand and slight left turn, followed by the sprint to the line.

As the track has not been ran by anybody, it will be obvious to differentiate the good drivers to the mediocre ones. So, mark your calendar for 22 – 24 October!

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