New MyVi SE and Extreme 1.5L expect to continue leading trend for Perodua

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Three months earlier the new Perodua MyVi was introduced as a replacement for the aging MyVi on the road, today the MyVi is officially presented in two newest variants - the MyVi Special Edition (SE) 1.5L and Extreme 1.5L. Deemed "Lagi Power, Lagi Best", the anticipated SE and Extreme versions are expected to appeal to the mass even more with a bigger engine and exterior and interior improvements aplenty. 
Since June 2011, the new MyVi has commanded a staggering number of units booked at 34,000. In the months of July and August, the new MyVi reached 18,200 units to lead the overall Malaysian automotive sales figures. Between May 2005 - August 2011, the MyVi has accounted for a total of 505,100 units on the road.   
With the anticipated new MyVi SE (above left) and Extreme 1.5L now a reality, Perodua continues to expect improved market response and ultimately put more MyVis on the road. The two newest MyVi variants carry a 1.5 litre DOHC, 16V DVVT engine mated to either a manual or automatic transmission. The engine could deliver adequate power of 76kW at 6,000rpm and torque of 136Nm at 4400rpm. Perodua claims that the MyVi SE and Extreme are able to do a 0 - 100km/h dash in less than 10 seconds, to be precise 9.98 seconds. Compared to the previous SE edition (1.3L) that did a zero to hundred sprint in 12.49 seconds, the larger capacity engine is the probable reason for the new MyVi SE and Extreme new found ability. More power with reduced mechanical friction also ensured that the new variants give a quicker response, faster acceleration and a decent ride. But, more power also meant higher fuel consumption, the SE and Extreme average 14.6/L for the manual option and 12.9/L for the auto alternative. By comparison, the regular MyVi gives 17.1/L (manual) and 15.9/L (auto) respectively. 

At a glance, the best selling compact in its latest renditions are all about aesthetics, obviously the Extreme 1.5L appeals more to the guys, while the SE is more favorable for the fairer sex. The Extreme features a new front grille, along with new integrated foglights and protruding lip. The sides have new metallic door handles and side skirts, while the rear is highlighted by a chrome exhaust, massive spoiler and a 'diffuser' panel add-on at the bottom. The Myvi Extreme 1.5L is upped a tyre size to 14-inch from the regular Myvi. 
The SE is more subtle with rounded foglights and a squared-bound bottom grille. At the rear, a subtler spoiler and sports-type chrome exhaust accentuate the SE's look.  Wheel and tyre size is standard at 14-inch for the SE variant.  

Interior-wise, the Extreme variant (above left) now carries a new Navigation and Entertainment (DVD) system on the centre dash (bottom left) that enables connectivity to all your Bluetooth, USB and portable devices. The SE has a similar centre console like its regular sibling. Both the Extreme and SE versions' steering are leather bound with functional controls. Looking at the driver's information panel, the MyVi Extreme 1.5L now flashes from blue to red at speed intervals (below right). Additionally, the Extreme version houses semi-bucket seats for true aficionados.   
Both variants are equipped with anti-lock breaking systems (ABS) which allow the driver to manoeuvre the vehicle while braking, this allow for greater control of the vehicle if an emergency occur. In addition, an Electric Brake Distribution or EBD feature is also included to further enhance the ABS feature as the EBD distributes the breaking power to each wheel according to different driving conditions and vehicle loads.
These new variants also come with a collision-resistant body to better withstand impact as well as have pedestrian protection to reduce the likelihood of serious injury to pedestrians. The MyVi has recently received a 4-star Malaysian Vehicle Assessment Program (MyVAP) rating, conferred by the Malaysian Institute of Road Safety (MIROS).   
“For out latest offering, we expect sales of these new variants to contribute 45% to the 8,000 overall New MYvi model sales, “ Perodua Managing Director Datuk Aminar Rashid Salled said. 
He added, “Coupled with the launch of these new variants, we are confident of reaching out 2011 sales target of 190,000 units. Over and beyond this, we also expect the sales momentum of both 1.3 litre and 1.5 litre New Myvi variants to carry us forward into 2012. In addition, Perodua will also start exporting the New Myvi 1.3 to Mauritius and Sri Lanka this October and November respectively.” 
(Extreme1.5 embroidering on seats) 
Priced between RM50,900 and RM61,700 depending on specifications, the New Myvi SE and Myvi Extreme come in an array of body colors. The SE has 5 colors; solid Majestic Yellow (New), solid Ivory white, Metallic Mystical Purple, Metallic Ebony Black and Metallic Glittering Silver, while the Extreme is available in 3 colors; solid Majestic Yellow, Solid Ivory White and Metallic Ebony Black. 
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