Continental CC5 proves its ground in comfort and overall durability

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Continental Sime Tyres (CST) recently provided us a set of its latest passenger car tyres, the Continental CC5, for review. Introduced in mid-2010, the CC5 previewed an 'ebony' Stallion to convey the brand's key message "Tyres engineered in Deutschland (Germany)". 
The Continental CC5, which replaces the aged CC1, is designed for passenger cars in the mid- and premium segments, as well as for consumers who are looking for tyres that promote value, comfort, safety, fuel efficiency and durability. Produced at the CST plant in Alor Star, Kedah, the CC5 could be viewed as a step-up from the current CC line-up and built for Asian roads. 
The comfort range of tyre from Continental features the Silent Tread Pattern Groove Technology with 'noise breaker' which lowers noise and diminishes driving displeasures. The patented Silent Tread Pattern Groove Technology works to break air-waves in the longitudinal grooves thus reducing noise without compromising on overall driving comfort. Fuel efficiency improved by an estimated 10% compared to the CC1 thanks to an advanced silica compound technology and innovative tread design. The tread design consists V-shaped sipes inner ribs which enable smooth rolling throughout the tyre circumferential, and the result is an optimum comfort and safety drive. While, the silica compound technology minimizes rolling resistance to ensure adequate fuel efficiency and lower emissions.
Our acquired Continental CC5 was 195 / 55 R15 with a load index of 85 and speed rating V. Fitted on a 'Wira', we took a while to run-in the tyres as they were brand-new from CST factory in Petaling Jaya. Usual frequent city drive about and an occasional 'outstation' drive were suffice to get the tyres up to speed or decent temperature, though not necessarily like how race drivers are accustomed to. We'd like to mention one of the exterior highlights of the CC5, its rim protector. The rim protector portion is significant and comes in real handy for those who adorned exquisite rims on their cars, as well as protects against curbs or dividers, even tight spots and driveways while parking, turning and cornering.   
Our goal was to relate to the CC5's acclaimed low-noise or noise-breaker and comfortability on dry and wet roads. With a speed of between 60km/h - 130km/h on city roads and highways, the CC5 provided better road-hold and grip on drys, but on wets it could proof a little shabby. On dry roads, above 100km/h, specifically 120 -130km/h, at twisty bends or curve roads, the CC5's tread design contributed to quite an impressive traction and held on convincingly, even on an old Proton. In the wets, the CC5 could be related to comfortability at the highest, but may not be suffice to be considered a true breed performance tyres for wet adventures in a car.  
In emergency stopping or braking situations, the CC5 was often spot-on on dry conditions, although in the wets it required a little effort. However, shorter braking distance was prevalent thanks the V-shaped sipes inner ribs and patented Continental grooves. But, for drivers who drive around the city or not frequently at full throttle, the CC5 is most recommended, in terms of nominal grip and durability, under light rain or drizzle conditions. 
On the freeways and the North-South Expressway (NSE), quick lane changes and overtakings were commendable, though the car is antiquated and sluggish. Compared to its predecessor, our CC5s offered more grip on lateral movements as well as lesser wheel spin on quick stop-go or idle-push situations, thanks to its advanced silica compound. Furthermore, we were sure that the tyre's effectiveness was compounded by the correct tyre size selection and not based on the manufacturer's specifications: a pathetic 13" tyre/wheel size for a 1.5L car.
At mid- and high-speed, the road noise level was simply calm and collective, the quietness is a further testament to the CC5's Silent Tread Pattern groove; especially when considering 'horrible' soundproofing inside a 10-year old Wira. Occasional bumps were prevalent on city drives, but the tyres still did well on uneven road surfaces and frequent pothole encounters. Fuel consumption on the Wira has gone up from 300 to 350 km after 4,000 km, and the tyres are still spanking, without usual signs of premature wear and tear.
The Continental CC5 is available at all BestDrive outlets and priced at a reasonable range from RM 190 to RM500, depending on car variants.  

\Sizes available:
70 series       175/70 R13 82 H
                        185/70 R14 88H
65 series       175/65 R14 82 H
                        175/65 R15 84 H
                        185/65 R14 86 H
                        185/65 R15 88 H
                        195/65 R15 91 V
                        195/65 R15 91 H
                        205/65 R15 94 V
                        205/65 R16 95 H
                        215/65 R15 96 H
60 series       185/60 R14 82 H
                        185/60 R15 84 H
                        195/60 R15 88 V
                        205/60 R15 91 V
                        205/60 R16 92 H FR
                        215/60 R15 98 H
                        215/60 R16 95 V FR
                        225/60 R15 96 H
                        225/60 R16 98 V FR
                        235/60 R16 100 V FR
55 series      165/55 R14 72 H FR
                        185/55 R15 82 V FR
                        185/55 R16 83 V FR
                        195/55 R15 85 V FR
                        205/55 R15 88 V FR
                        205/55 R16 91 V FR
                        215/55 R16 93 V FR
                        225/55 R16 95 V FR
50 series      195/50 R15 82 V FR
                        205/50 R15 86 V FR

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